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M.S. in Physics (December 2018)
UC Davis

B.A. in Physics (May 2017)
New York University

Graduate Student at UC Davis
One Shields Ave
Physics Department
Davis, CA 95616
Office: 512 Physics Building



UC Davis 2017-Present

Physics 122 Advanced LabWinter 2019, Spring 2019
Physics 105A MechanicsFall 2018
Physics 157 Advanced Astronomy LabSpring 2018
Physics 7C (Waves, Optics, and Quantum Mechanics)Fall 2017
Lathe Techniques (Woodworking)Fall 2019

New York University 2014-2017

General Physics I (Mechanics)Fall 2014, 2015, 2016
General Physics II (Electricity & Magnetism)Spring 2015, 2016, 2017


UC Davis Graduate School 2017-Present

CourseCourse TextProfessor
Fall 2018
Extragalactic AstrophysicsSparke - Galaxies in the UniverseAndrew Wetzel
Stellar EvolutionVariousStefano Valenti

Spring 2018
Quantum Theory of FieldsVariousMarcus Luty
Electromagnetism IIZangwill - Modern ElectrodynamicsDaniel Cebra
Statistical MechanicsPathria - Statistical MechanicsRajiv Singh

Winter 2018
Advanced General RelativityWald - General RelativityVeronika Hubeny
ElectromagnetismZangwill - Modern ElectrodynamicsRena Zieve
Quantum MechanicsSchiff - Quantum Mechanics, Tinkham - Group Theory and Quantum MechanicsChing-Yao Fong
Mathematical Methods in PhysicsArfken - Mathematical Methods for PhysicistsNemanja Kaloper

Fall 2017
Classical MechanicsGoldstein - Classical MechanicsLloyd Knox
Quantum MechanicsSchiff - Quantum MechanicsChing-Yao Fong
Mathematical Methods in PhysicsArfken - Mathematical Methods for PhysicistsNemanja Kaloper

New York University Undergraduate School 2013-2017

CourseCourse TextProfessor
Spring 2017
(Graduate) Statistical PhysicsKardar - Statistical Physics of Particles/FieldsDavid Grier
(Graduate) ElectrodynamicsLandau and Lifshitz - The Classical Theory of Fields; Jackson - Classical ElectrodynamicsAndrei Gruzinov
Condensed MatterKittel - Introduction to Solid State PhysicsPaul Chaikin

Fall 2016
(Graduate) General RelativityLandau and Lifshitz - The Classical Theory of Fields; Misner,Thorne, and Wheeler - GravitationAndrei Gruzinov
(Graduate) BiophysicsAlberts B. et al. - Molecular Biology of The Cell; Phillips R. et al. - Physical Biology of The CellAlexandra Zidovska
AstrophysicsKeeton - Principles of AstrophysicsMichael Blanton
Advanced Experimental PhysicsNoneTycho Sleator

Spring 2016
General RelativityHartle - Gravity an Introduction to General RelativityPatrick Cooper
Thermal and Statistical PhysicsSchroeder - An Introduction to Thermal PhysicsMarc Gershow
Introduction to Fluid DynamicsKundu et al. - Fluid MechanicsAndrew MacFadyen
Functions of a Complex Variable (Complex Analysis)Bak and Newman - Complex AnalysisLeslie Greengard

Fall 2015
Electricity and MagnetismGriffiths - Introduction to ElectrodynamicsJoshua Ruderman
Quantum MechanicsGriffiths - Introduction to Quantum MechanicsMatthew Kleban
DynamicsKleppner and Kolenkow - An Introduction to MechanicsAlan Sokal
(Abstract) AlgebraHerstein - Topics in AlgebraCurtis Kent
Expressive Cultures: Film (1939)Assorted film textsDana Pollan

Spring 2015
Mathematical PhysicsBoas - Mathematical Methods in the Physical SciencesDaniel Zwanziger
Classical and Quantum WavesPine - Classical and Quantum Waves (Not Published)Frank Moscatelli
Intermediate Experimental Physics IINonePeter Nemethy
AnalysisBartle and Sherbert - Introduction to Real Analysis
Intermediate Latin: VirgilVirgil - The Aeneid

Fall 2014
Physics III (Thermodynamics, Optics, and Waves)Young & Freedman - University Physics; Georgi - The Physics of WavesMarc Gershow
Intermediate Experimental Physics INonePaul Chaikin
Origins of AstronomyKaler - The Ever-Changing SkyEngelbert Schücking
Linear AlgebraLay - Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Introduction to MacroeconomicsHall and Lieberman - Macroeconomics: Principles and Applications

Spring 2014
Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)Young & Freedman - University PhysicsAndy Kent
Introductory Experimental Physics IINoneKyle Cranmer
Calculus IIIStewart - Essential CalculusElizabeth Stepp
Russia Between East and WestAssorted classic Russian texts
Writing The EssayMercer Street

Fall 2013
Physics I (Mechanics)Young & Freedman - University PhysicsDavid Grier
Introductory Experimental Physics INoneDavid Pine
Calculus IIStewart - Essential CalculusElizabeth Stepp
Is Marx Still Relevant?Marx - Capital; Eagleton - Why Marx was Right;Gabriel - Love and CapitalJeff Goodwin
Antiquity & the RenaissanceAssorted classical and renaissance texts