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B.A. in Physics (May 2017)
New York University

Graduate Student at UC Davis
One Shields Ave
Physics Department
Davis, CA 95616
Office: 512 Physics Building



UC Davis 2017-Present

Physics 7C (Waves, Optics, and Quantum Mechanics)Fall 2017

New York University 2014-2017

General Physics I (Mechanics)Fall 2014, 2015, 2016
General Physics II (Electricity & Magnetism)Spring 2015, 2016, 2017


UC Davis Graduate School 2017-Present

CourseCourse TextProfessor
Winter 2018
Advanced General RelativityWald - General RelativityVeronika Hubeny
ElectromagnetismZangwill - Modern ElectrodynamicsRena Zieve
Quantum MechanicsSchiff - Quantum Mechanics, Tinkham - Group Theory and Quantum MechanicsChing-Yao Fong
Mathematical Methods in PhysicsArfken - Mathematical Methods for PhysicistsNemanja Kaloper

Fall 2017
Classical MechanicsGoldstein - Classical MechanicsLloyd Knox
Quantum MechanicsSchiff - Quantum MechanicsChing-Yao Fong
Mathematical Methods in PhysicsArfken - Mathematical Methods for PhysicistsNemanja Kaloper

New York University Undergraduate School 2013-2017

CourseCourse TextProfessor
Spring 2017
(Graduate) Statistical PhysicsKardar - Statistical Physics of Particles/FieldsDavid Grier
(Graduate) ElectrodynamicsLandau and Lifshitz - The Classical Theory of Fields; Jackson - Classical ElectrodynamicsAndrei Gruzinov
Condensed MatterKittel - Introduction to Solid State PhysicsPaul Chaikin

Fall 2016
(Graduate) General RelativityLandau and Lifshitz - The Classical Theory of Fields; Misner,Thorne, and Wheeler - GravitationAndrei Gruzinov
(Graduate) BiophysicsAlberts B. et al. - Molecular Biology of The Cell; Phillips R. et al. - Physical Biology of The CellAlexandra Zidovska
AstrophysicsKeeton - Principles of AstrophysicsMichael Blanton
Advanced Experimental PhysicsNoneTycho Sleator

Spring 2016
General RelativityHartle - Gravity an Introduction to General RelativityPatrick Cooper
Thermal and Statistical PhysicsSchroeder - An Introduction to Thermal PhysicsMarc Gershow
Introduction to Fluid DynamicsKundu et al. - Fluid MechanicsAndrew MacFadyen
Functions of a Complex Variable (Complex Analysis)Bak and Newman - Complex AnalysisLeslie Greengard

Fall 2015
Electricity and MagnetismGriffiths - Introduction to ElectrodynamicsJoshua Ruderman
Quantum MechanicsGriffiths - Introduction to Quantum MechanicsMatthew Kleban
DynamicsKleppner and Kolenkow - An Introduction to MechanicsAlan Sokal
(Abstract) AlgebraHerstein - Topics in AlgebraCurtis Kent
Expressive Cultures: Film (1939)Assorted film textsDana Pollan

Spring 2015
Mathematical PhysicsBoas - Mathematical Methods in the Physical SciencesDaniel Zwanziger
Classical and Quantum WavesPine - Classical and Quantum Waves (Not Published)Frank Moscatelli
Intermediate Experimental Physics IINonePeter Nemethy
AnalysisBartle and Sherbert - Introduction to Real Analysis
Intermediate Latin: VirgilVirgil - The Aeneid

Fall 2014
Physics III (Thermodynamics, Optics, and Waves)Young & Freedman - University Physics; Georgi - The Physics of WavesMarc Gershow
Intermediate Experimental Physics INonePaul Chaikin
Origins of AstronomyKaler - The Ever-Changing SkyEngelbert Schücking
Linear AlgebraLay - Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Introduction to MacroeconomicsHall and Lieberman - Macroeconomics: Principles and Applications

Spring 2014
Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)Young & Freedman - University PhysicsAndy Kent
Introductory Experimental Physics IINoneKyle Cranmer
Calculus IIIStewart - Essential CalculusElizabeth Stepp
Russia Between East and WestAssorted classic Russian texts
Writing The EssayMercer Street

Fall 2013
Physics I (Mechanics)Young & Freedman - University PhysicsDavid Grier
Introductory Experimental Physics INoneDavid Pine
Calculus IIStewart - Essential CalculusElizabeth Stepp
Is Marx Still Relevant?Marx - Capital; Eagleton - Why Marx was Right;Gabriel - Love and CapitalJeff Goodwin
Antiquity & the RenaissanceAssorted classical and renaissance texts